When you regard your pet as an important member of your family, they not only deserve your love and respect, but they also rely on proper, all-encompassing care. At Planet Super Sitter, it is my goal to provide personalized one-on-one attention striving for service that exceeds your expectations!

"Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later". 

Currently, she happily shares her home with her husband David and the super pets in her life, rescues Jinky the Bassett and Charlie Brown, the bunny.


Our Story

Finding out at an early age, owner Jill Mengo had a natural curiosity and inherit connection to the wildlife that surrounded her, which would later lead to a lifetime of discovery and compassionate caring for our animal friends.

One of Jill's first early childhood experiences was trying to become a companion to her older "sister", Buffy the family Cocker Spaniel. Buffy was not particularly interested in becoming a close sibling, but Jill persisted even as Buffy would growl and snap. But her patience paid off and the two soon formed a lasting bond.


Planet Super Sitter Dog Walking & Pet Care

Growing up, the family home was continually filled with aquarium fish, turtles, guinea pigs, pet mice and a host of strays. One of the most memorable pets that carried her through some tough times was her standard poodle, Mademoiselle Chocolate. As a young adult, she learned about birds and enjoyed caring for her two cockatiels Ernst and Monroe, then later, stray Zippy the parrot found walking down the roadside on a wintery March day.  Then in 1985 she became a dog breeder, showing Chinese Shar Pei, the "wrinkle dogs", and continually discovered the rewards and joys of working with animals. 

Welcome to Planet Super Sitter! We offer professionally insured pet care, dog walking and house sitting services to busy families in McHenry Illinois and the surrounding residential communities.

Pets are our passion and our top priority is to provide daily service to all pets entrusted in our care. You'll have peace of mind knowing that our Super Sitters will provide your pets' with an unsurpassed level of love, companionship and respect. We offer an alternative pet care program so your pets can remain in their own home- stress free, safe and secure! We provide personalized attention while maintaining a balance with your pets’ daily routine.

Our Super Sitter's specialize in daily dog walking, extended vacation care, playtime visits, pet taxi services and more! Planet Super Sitter is fully insured and is the one to call for total peace of mind when you must be away from your pets.

Whatever your circumstance, a vacation, an emergency, or simply just a long work day that keeps you from attending to your pets' needs, contact Planet Super Sitter, because your super pet deserves super care!